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Name: John Edwards
Location: Wigan uk
Submitted: February 07, 2014 11:46:50
Comments: Fantasti c night at St Helens and great to meet you after the show

Name: Stuart Marlor
Location: UK
Submitted: February 06, 2014 16:25:50
Comments: Saw Eddie perform at Butlins in Minehead on 1st February 2014. Absolutely awesome and hope he tours UK again very soon. A voice second to none; a true soul talent and legend. Thank you Eddie. Keep The Faith Stu & Alison

Name: Lynne
Location: Plymouth uk
Submitted: February 04, 2014 09:29:24
Comments: Met you at mine head you allowed us to have a picture together you are an amazing performer you made us all so happy I would like to say thank you and it was an honour to talk to you for a while once again thank you so much with love Lynne xxx the photos came out amazing of us I can treasure my memories xxxx

Name: steve
Location: england
Submitted: February 04, 2014 04:02:49
Comments: hi eddie,great show your doing all over England with david guest. I see you at butlins Skegness 2/2/2014 thanks for signing your cd for me and the wife.. have a nice life you've worked hard for it. kind regards steve and Lesley. xx

Name: jean griffiths
Location: south wales uk
Submitted: January 16, 2014 00:15:18
Comments: I ams so looking forward to seeing you at minehead,,,,hey there lonely girl is my fav,,sooo beautiful,,,i am a Christian also and attend a gospel church at Cardiff,,,,take care thank you and god bless xx

Name: J LChestnut III
Location: Birmingham Alabama
Submitted: December 09, 2013 03:12:07
Comments: Thank you for that I incredible song "Hey there lonely girl" when I get in the move to celebrate my wife hey I have to play that song. The song takes me back to so many memories when I was a young buck! The song is a masterpiece its get better with time! Thanks Eddie!

Name: Marge
Location: NYC
Submitted: December 01, 2013 17:44:25
Comments: Heard you on a PBS special 2 nights ago ... you simply BLEW me away! I can't believe how magnificent your voice still is ... thank you for such a talent. I loved it!

Name: Karyn Taylor
Location: Raleigh NC
Submitted: October 15, 2013 15:55:31
Comments: Please can you tell me if you are planning any tour date for Raleigh NC or anywhere close. I have been a fan for many years and to this day Hey there Lonely Girl still gives me goosebumps when I hear you sing it another favourite is All in the Game. Keep doing what your doing Eddie. Peace and Love

Name: Steve Harris
Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne UK
Submitted: October 15, 2013 01:08:27
Comments: Hi Eddie I hope to catch you when your here in the UK I play most of your tracks on my Internet Radio Station , you have a large following here in the UK the amount of requests I get for your tracks not just the commercial ones either is massive.I believe you will have a great time here in the UK Hope to see you soon Steve

Name: Gloria
Location: Park Forest IL.
Submitted: September 27, 2013 15:44:48
Comments: I just want to share my thoughts of the song Lonely Girl. I'm am so enjoying it. I'm grateful for websites such as youtube and others. I was searching for a song by the various artists from years ago.(love my doo wops) and I came upon Eddie Holman's name and "Bingo". I found the song. Thank you Eddie, thank you for giving this "classic" song to your fans and I shall cherish it into infinity.

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The messages below are prior to March 2011, before they were stored as above

Name: Kieron Warren
Location: Sudbury, Suffolk UK
Submitted: Tue Mar 15 10:31:39 2011 EST
Comments: Hey Eddie, Just found this website and watched the vid. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and brought tears to my eyes. I first bought Lonely Girl/All in the game when first issued over here,(and still got it!) and you sound better than ever man.Really glad you're still doing it. Take care.

Name: Desiree Pulido
Location: Hollister, Ca
Submitted: Fri Mar 4 22:20:17 2011 EST
Comments: Very, very much enjoyed watching you perform in Fresno and we seen you two days later in San Jose, Ca. Both were very good shows. Just heard Hey There Lonely Girl on Mega 97.9 and I remembered you mentioning to go to your website! Have a great day.

Name: Laurence Wright
Location: Salt Lake City
Submitted: Thu Feb 24 1:53:49 2011 EST
Comments: Hello Eddie, Oh, how I love listening to `Hey there lonely girl` on You Tube. What memories it brings. Then to check out your website and find that you are a Christian too, what a smile that brings to my face. God Bless you and yours. Larry Wright

Name: Lukyamuzi Frank
Location: kampala...Uganda
Submitted: Sat Feb 19 19:20:32 2011 EST
Comments: Hi Holman, greetings from Frank. Glad to know about you from doing my interview at CROSSRHYTHMS It is all about trancription, i am indeed glad that God has blessed me thru your wounderful words. I am so happy. God bless you Frank

Name: Victoria Rios
Location: Hanford, California
Submitted: Sun Feb 13 23:05:34 2011 EST
Comments: Hello, I just wanted to let you know how much that I enjoyed you in concert last night in Fresno, CA. It was the first concert Ive ever been to and I really enjoyed it.

Name: Ron Cori
Location: Virginia
Submitted: Sun Jan 23 12:30:28 2011 EST
Comments: Eddie: Hope you are well...old friend from Philly...

Name: JL
Location: Atlanta, Ga
Submitted: Thu Jan 20 17:36:15 2011 EST
Comments: Hey Eddie, Just wanted to say I've always been one of your biggest fans. I think I know some of your distant relatives in KC. Their all good people.

Name: Frank Martin
Location: Madrid (Spain)
Submitted: Mon Jan 17 21:47:51 2011 EST
Comments: First time I hear your music has been last summer in a 8 tracks cassete hidded dropped on a 1975 Eldo Cadillac I brought from NY. I must confes that you has been a new descover for my and I am loocking arround for buy some of your music. Thak you for surch happy evening on my old new car earing you voice. Good Bless you.

Name: gayle lilley
Location: dallas, texas
Submitted: Mon Jan 17 0:34:51 2011 EST
Comments: love your music,hey there lonely girl & since i dont have you, love all the oldies from all the great groups, singer. thank you for such great music

Name: tom
Location: florida
Submitted: Sun Jan 9 19:09:40 2011 EST
Comments: just an old man looking for old /great music, thanks eddie, it lasts forever.

Name: Ken A. Craig
Location: London, Ontario. CANADA
Submitted: Mon Dec 27 15:20:24 2010 EST
Comments: Eddie, `Hey There Lonely Girl` was `our song` for my high school sweetheart Patty and myself since we first heard it in 1970. I bought the 45rpm and then the LP which I still have! In October 2011 we will be celebrating our 40th Wedding Anniversary and I'm sure we will have a special dance to Hey There Lonely Girl once again! Thanks for the memories. We hope to see you perform in person some day. It's incredible how you can sound even better today!! You're truly a remarkable and gifted entertainer, and I'm sure there are still millions of Eddie Holman fans around the world. At least 2 here in London Canada!! God Bless you and your family always. Patty & Ken Craig

Name: Toni Martin
Location: Pennsylvania
Submitted: Mon Dec 6 13:46:17 2010 EST
Comments: Eddie had the privledge of seeing you Friday night At the state Theatre in Uniontown Pa .. brought back so many great menories .. Thank You May God Continue to Bless you...

Name: Michael Connor
Location: Tarpon Springs, FL, United States
Submitted: Sat Dec 4 13:00:54 2010 EST
Comments: Dear Mr. Holman, I am a 13 year old who loves soul music. You are one of the ones that got me into soul, thank you for that. I wanted to thank you for sharing your talent with everbody. I also wanted to thank you for singing `Hey There Lonely Girl`. `Hey There Lonely Girl` was my mom's favorite childhood song. It is also one of my favorite songs. I much rather here you and your soul partners than rap. Thank You and Best Regards, Michael Connor

Name: LB Johnson
Location: Atlanta, GA
Submitted: Fri Nov 19 4:19:52 2010 EST
Comments: Dear Mr. Holman, Listening to you sing, `Hey there, lonely girl` could make me cry as a young girl. After listening to your live performance on You-Tube, you still can. Your voice is so touching and tender, truly beautiful. May God continue to bless you mightily, and may your gift of song continue to feed a hungry and hurting world. Thank you so very, very much!!!

Name: Issa
Location: Jordanian living in Qatar
Submitted: Mon Nov 15 7:54:15 2010 EST
Comments: Hello Eddie It is really an honor to write to you Till now could not find a song that can replace `I love you what more can I say` from my favourite listening CD. It is the best and there will never be a better song. Who put the lyrics and the music. I am sure he is a genius. Your performance in this son is great and a wonder. Wish you the best of luck, Issa

Name: Conner Rooney
Location: England,gloucester
Submitted: Wed Oct 20 18:19:20 2010 EST
Comments: Dear Eddie its a pleasure,I am 15 and a massive Northern Soul fan and to speak to you is awesome cheers for your wonderful music like hold me in your arms which i have on the sevens label and where im not wanted etc keep strong all the best c.

Name: charla troyano
Location: pennsyvania
Submitted: Sat Oct 16 5:20:36 2010 EST
Comments: All I wish to express to you Eddie Holman is that I love you!!! I was 15 years old and attending Andrew Jackson High School in Queens N.Y. when `This Can't Be True` was released...It blew everyone completely away. I became a devoted fan of yours from that time on and I own every song you ever recorded. I will not say you're the greatest vocalist I have ever heard in my life because you already must know this. Modesty notwithstanding. I will say when I listen to your music it takes me back to a simpler time. A time of youth and of strength and of beauty which as a young person I took for granted and why not? Youth was our right and we had the privilege to enjoy its exquisite delights. It is a blessing from God to have such talent and it is also a blessing to be able to enjoy amazing music and voice. I agree with you when you say that whatever gifts we possess should be used to glorify our Creator who gives good gifts to us all! I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and after reading your biography I see you are a spiritual man as well. May God continue to bless you. Wishing you and your family the best regards Mr. Holman! Respectfully yours, Mrs. Charla Troyano (Earley when I first `met` you lol)

Name: Llanos
Location: Bronx, New York
Submitted: Sun Sep 26 19:05:50 2010 EST
Comments: I first heard you on a 45rpm back in 1966. The songs were, Don't Stop Now and I'm a Loser. I was 12 years old and I was instantly amazed at your singing. You have such a beautiful voice and you have stood the test of time with grace. Mr. Holman, you have preserved well the gift the Holy Father has given you. Thank you you much for sharing it and my God bless you always.

Name: Bob & Diane
Location: England
Submitted: Fri Sep 24 22:49:22 2010 EST
Comments: Hi, Your song ` Hey there lonely girl ` was the one we danced ( up close ) to every weekend as teenage sweethearts. Now we have been together 40 years, have 2 children and a grandson, and hearing your voice sing those words brings it all back, so clear. Thankyou Eddie. You helped us to fall very deeply in love with one another !

Name: Dean
Location: South Jersey / Philly
Submitted: Wed Sep 8 16:37:25 2010 EST
Comments: Helloe, Eddie. do you remember Joseph Vetere ? He played Cello on your recording of 'Lonely Girl' he has passed, but he was my Grandfather. He Worked the Shubert & Locust theatres & on Broadway, too.

Name: Sharon Wall
Location: Greensburg, PA 15601
Submitted: Sun Aug 29 23:53:38 2010 EST
Comments: Good talking to you, Eddie!! Thank you for the encouraging words!! God bless you and your wife! Sharon

Name: Stuart Singer
Location: Southampton, PA
Submitted: Thu Jul 29 2:52:21 2010 EST
Comments: I met you a couple times when I worked for Hopkins Ford Lincoln Mercury in Jenkintown, PA as an Internet Sales Manager next to Johnny O's office. I hope you and your family are doing well.

Name: SteveJones
Location: Worcestershire, UK
Submitted: Thu Jun 10 15:09:27 2010 EST
Comments: Just saw Eddie performing Hey There Lonely Girl on Youtube - The mixture of his talent, the fantastic song & the memories it evokes brought a lump the size of a watermelon to my throat. Thanks Eddie for using your talent to bring so much pleasure to so many people. Please post any upcoming tour dates on the site.Steve

Name: Jim Cassese
Location: Jackson,NJ
Submitted: Mon May 17 22:17:55 2010 EST
Comments: I saw you perform at the Keswick Theatre on May 8,2010. I was in the first row. You were unbelievable.You sounded like a young man and put on quite a performance. God bless you.

Name: Linda Coleman
Location: Pittsburgh
Submitted: Fri Apr 30 21:06:41 2010 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie, I loved your show in Canonsburg. I have loved Lonely Girl for years and years!

Name: Cheryl Hajduk
Location: Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
Submitted: Mon Apr 26 19:22:35 2010 EST
Comments: I saw you last night in Canonsburg at Canon McMillan High School and you were fabulous! I get chills every time I hear Hey There Lonely Girl. I am anxiously waiting to get your Love Story CD. God Bless! Cheryl

Name: Vicky Bershok
Location: Canonsburg, Pa
Submitted: Mon Apr 26 3:39:14 2010 EST
Comments: Saw you at Canon-Mac High School. Loved the show! Thank you so much for thr autograph.

Name: Sis
Location: Charleroi, Pa
Submitted: Sun Apr 25 19:02:27 2010 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie I just wanted to tell you how great your show was at the Palace Theater in Greensburg Pa on April 22nd. And aslo for signing my book.

Name: Jamie Walls
Location: Tyrone PA
Submitted: Sat Apr 24 18:58:55 2010 EST
Comments: Really enjoyed your performance last night in State College Pa. Thank you so much for taking the time to sign autographs and for taking a picture with me. Loved your performance. Thanks again Eddie! Take care and god bless.

Name: anita abbott
Location: Springfield,Ohio USA
Submitted: Sun Mar 28 18:33:22 2010 EST
Comments: I am continuosly moved to tears when i hear `hey there lonely girl`.It is a blessing to have a voice that continues to pull the heartstrings of so many fans. Keep on doing what you are doing.

Name: brian
Location: england
Submitted: Sat Mar 20 8:46:49 2010 EST
Comments: just want to say u do the best live records ever i realy like lonley girl i listen to your songs every day for ageas from brian everyone welcome to eddie s guest book

Name: Kim Newhouse
Location: Hatfield, PA
Submitted: Wed Mar 17 1:22:34 2010 EST
Comments: Hello Eddie!!! Hope to see your show soon.

Name: peter brennan
Location: Stockport England
Submitted: Mon Mar 15 20:32:35 2010 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie, I am a Northern Soul fan here in England, and have had the privilege of seeing you twice. What a star you are, and enjoy what your calling to the church is now!

Name: susie davis
Location: Chicago
Submitted: Thu Mar 11 16:47:52 2010 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie....I love your song....`Hey There ....Lonely Girl!!!`....it is so great!!!!! I't so nice to see artists and songs from my generation, still are impacting the WORLD!!! I hope to see your show one day. Best Wishes from a 'NOT-SO'...`Lonely Girl`...'Doo Wop' and the 'Oldies' keep me NOT LONELY!!!!...forever a fan..susie

Name: netty
Location: nottinghamshire
Submitted: Mon Mar 1 2:13:53 2010 EST
Comments: hi, just havuing a nostalgia moment, so thanks for that!

Name: harry
Location: Liverpool
Submitted: Sat Feb 13 9:48:34 2010 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie I am at work at the moment one of the guys just started singing hey there lonely girl out of the blue which then prompted us to start searching for you. Just one question really will you ever be touring liverpool soon went to see the david Guest show lst year and it was great seeing all my boy hood memories playing live before my very eyes. Would be great to see you soon

Name: kev woods
Location: sleaford england
Submitted: Tue Feb 9 19:51:42 2010 EST
Comments: just got back from the butlins weekender in skegness and the choice was eddie or richard street ex temps in the other room and boy was i pleased i watched eddie, for a guy of 63 he can still belt out those tunes and still hit those notes,he was awsome, it was along time since i last saw him when he was promoting htlg at the top rank plymouth in 1973 , but it was worth the wait.many thanks my friend especially for the northern soul memories too. kev

Name: James Ryan
Location: Tuckerton, NJ
Submitted: Mon Dec 14 0:04:47 2009 EST
Comments: I had the privledge of seeing you perform that outstanding piece for PBS. Your music has touched countless people through the past fifty years. I admire your humility and love for our Lord. May our Lord continue to shower you and your family with many blessings. Keep up the Great Work. James Ryan

Name: dave
Location: Dagenham london uk
Submitted: Sun Dec 13 11:50:22 2009 EST
Comments: hes a sick guy see him on the 11th of December he is 1 great entertainer he was there with a couple of guys Alexander o'neal Kenny Thomas n Andy burcot FIRST TIME I SEE HIM WOULD DEFINITELY GO AGAIN AND AGAIN EDDIE HIT THE HIGH NOTES HOLMAN GOD BLESS THANKS FOR A GREAT SHOW

Name: Nick Bramwell
Location: cheshire UK
Submitted: Mon Dec 7 11:59:27 2009 EST
Comments: Saw Eddie for the first time in Southport and I have to say...what an absolute star! Eddie is not from me era, Im in my mid-thirties but he could teach some of these wannabies something about humility, manners and presence. A true gentlemen on stage and what a voice. It was great listening to his stories about the songs and their histories. If you get a chance to see this legend do so....

Name: Rob McCann
Location: Cardiff, Wales UK
Submitted: Sat Dec 5 10:14:41 2009 EST
Comments: Wow, just awesome watching you on You Tube, So amazing, Im not ashamed to admit I had tears in my eyes watching and listening, so powerfull. Ok now, when are we going to get the chance to see the Great Eddie Holman in Cardiff Wales UK ?? Best Wishes to You..and Thanks For All Your Music,God Bless...Rob UK

Name: Squirrel The Pearl
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Submitted: Tue Oct 27 12:45:37 2009 EST
Comments: I woke up this morning with `Hey There Lonely Girl` on my mind. I went to You-Tube to see if you were there, and to my surprise, there you were. I listened to the song at least five times. I was amazed that you've still got it. You are one heck of a guy, and you've been making my wife and me happy for many years. God bless you brother.

Name: Mark Ward
Location: Folkestone, Kent
Submitted: Fri Oct 23 0:41:29 2009 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie, You are a brillian singer. I love singing `Hey there lonely girl` on karaoke. The audience love it. I wish I could sing it as good as you do. I was born in 1974 and I am a huge fan. Mark

Name: Kathi
Location: Atlanta, GA
Submitted: Sun Oct 18 15:00:48 2009 EST
Comments: I was at the Doo Wop 'n Georgia show last night. You were fabulous! Your talent is truly a gift from God which you freely acknowledged in the most touching way. Chills ran down my spine when I heard your golden voice - thank you so much for the great experience.

Name: Ron Blough
Location: Mechanicsburg, PA
Submitted: Tue Oct 6 16:49:44 2009 EST
Comments: Eddie: We saw you i concert at the Amereican Music Theater in LAncaster last Saturday night. You were awesome! My wife has been a long-time fan of yours and so am I. We especially want to thank you for giving credit where it is due: you publicly acknowledged that you said a pray every time before you perform that the Lord would allow you to use the gift He gave you to give Him glory. Thank you so much for your testimony, especially in an age when it's not considered cool to thank God for His blessings. You are a true artist and witness. thanks again for a wonderful evening, and may God bless you richly! Blessings, Ron and Lorraine

Name: Elaine
Location: Los Angeles
Submitted: Thu Sep 3 22:41:40 2009 EST
Comments: PLEASE, PLEASE, Have one concert in LA or OC somewhere. Would just love to see you perform live. Have put you on my wish list at TICKETMASTER..........thank you so much for the memories

Name: Eve
Location: Washington, DC
Submitted: Mon Aug 17 17:24:48 2009 EST
Comments: I was 10 years old when `Hey There Lonely Girl` came out, and it's a classic. But I later discovered a host of other wonderful ballads by you that I love too, that shouldn't go unrecognized. `You Make My Life Complete`, `It's Over`, and my all-time vocal, `This Can't Be True`, just to name a few. Your vocal range on that song is SICK! The props you deserve are long overdue. I'm glad to see you are still out there doing it and doing it well. God bless you!

Name: Jorge
Location: Brazil, South America
Submitted: Fri Aug 7 2:32:34 2009 EST
Comments: Hy, Eddie! You're the best. Thanks, from Brazil!

Name: Joey Hill
Location: Pittsburgh
Submitted: Sat Aug 1 18:20:39 2009 EST
Comments: Well Eddie, We're still alive and kicking. Good to see you looking sooo dapper. great website!! Hope all is well with you and Sheila. I just love that girl!! My best to all of you, joey hill

Name: Louis Harvey
Location: Philadelphia
Submitted: Thu Jul 23 0:03:58 2009 EST
Comments: Hello Eddie, Just stopping by to show some support for this awesome site you have assembled. Your contribution to the industry is a blessing in itself. Keep on blessing us with your music from above. Thumbs up my friend. Your Mail Carrier.

Name: MARY
Submitted: Mon Jul 13 20:54:48 2009 EST

Name: maxime
Location: paris france
Submitted: Tue Jun 30 15:30:37 2009 EST
Comments: hi everyone, i just listening four walls and there's no word for this song, simple but so extraordinary so groooovy thanx mister holman, i will listen the rest of your discography with a real pleasure as we say in france c'est la trs grande classe

Name: KAY
Submitted: Sun Jun 21 20:07:55 2009 EST

Name: james ryan
Location: london england
Submitted: Fri Jun 19 15:09:21 2009 EST
Comments: god bless you eddie , your music and voice has been with me since i was young . just heard your interview with dave brown on solarradio.com . james

Name: fiona meek
Location: staffordshire
Submitted: Fri Jun 19 15:08:20 2009 EST
Comments: hi eddie, just listening to your interview with dave brown on solar radio it has been really good hearing you, your voice is still magic. take care xx

Name: Ron Logan
Location: Vancouver BC
Submitted: Sun May 17 6:36:48 2009 EST
Comments: Hi Mr Holman: I'll tell you what I like while watching you perform. first, your incredible talent, secondly, the pure joy you bring to the faces of the audience. Makes me feel good. I wish you could make it up to the Vancouver area (or Seattle) Thanks for your sincere, great music. Ron

Name: cLuMsY Joel
Location: Bristol, England
Submitted: Thu May 14 18:11:53 2009 EST
Comments: Hey There I'm a huge fan of the Eddie Holman song, 'Four Walls' and was just wondering if any one knew what year the track was recorded and/or released. Many thanks in advance...

Name: robin e core
Location: philadelphia
Submitted: Mon Feb 23 17:08:29 2009 EST
Comments: Hello my name is Robin. I'm writing to ask if you know of a song cathy or cathy called. I don't know if this is the name I can give you some of the lyrics. `Cathy called & the world is mine again. She said baby stay were your at cause I'm coming back to you. When I told her how much I missed the why that we kissed she said me too. Cathy called

Name: M.T. Simmons
Location: The Woodlands, TX, USA
Submitted: Sun Feb 15 3:23:43 2009 EST
Comments: I've been a fan since college; `Hey There Loney Girl` never fails to remind me of my lovely wife, whom was a dream back then. Thanks for the memories. Mark

Name: Robert Russell
Location: Pasadena, California USA
Submitted: Mon Feb 2 7:53:37 2009 EST
Comments: So glad you are still doing it, Rev. Holman. May God continue to bless you and your family with great health, joy, and abundance, even as we are still blessed with your superb performance of `Hey There Lonley Girl`. A classic in every sense of the word.

Name: sandra & mick
Location: harlow essex uk
Submitted: Wed Jan 14 16:51:40 2009 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie my partner and myself enjoyed very much seeing you and all the other fantasic ledgends at the O2 on Mon Eve ''David Gest my life show'' Wow what a night we absolutly loved it can't remember ever enjoying such a Night, god bless you and your family xx

Name: Chrissie
Location: London, England
Submitted: Tue Jan 13 11:07:54 2009 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie, Saw you last night in the My LIfe show at the 02 and really enjoyed to trip down memory lane to all the songs from my youth. You sounded exactly as you always have (and looked very good as well !!) Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful evening of music.

Name: Frankie Dee
Location: Boston, Ma.
Submitted: Tue Jan 6 10:34:59 2009 EST
Comments: I would like to thank you for so many wonderful recordings you have made. My favorite song is I'll Call You Joy. I wish you would Re-Record this song so it could readily be available for people to hear it. You were at the top of your proffesion when you recorded this song.I listen to this song every day & made a cd to play in my automobile. Please,Please Re-Record this song on a CD. I'll be the first one to Buy it. You are great,Frankie Dee

Name: M.C
Location: U.S.A
Submitted: Fri Nov 28 1:33:35 2008 EST
Comments: Hey there Mr. Eddie Iam a boy who is eleven and I am a big fan of your song Hey There Lonely Girl . I listen to it every day morning and night. Thanks for singing that song I love that song so much Mr. Eddie. Please put a cd of Hey There Lonely Girl in the stores because I want to own a copy of the song to sleep with , Thanks

Name: Carol Durkin
Location: Lakemoor, IL
Submitted: Tue Oct 21 18:05:37 2008 EST
Comments: Hey Eddie, I worked in CID at Prudential AARP Operations and I still remember the day you sang at the employee appreciation day. I said to my friend Chris Lyons, Gee he sounds just like the the guy and Chris said, ah that is because he IS the guy! Ah the good ol' days, huh?

Name: Dj Kevin Walden
Location: Brooklyn , NY
Submitted: Sat Sep 13 0:59:54 2008 EST
Comments: Besides your hits i have great love for `A night to remember` a great record which got plenty of air-play in nyc by white pop stations but frankie croker (wbls) at black stations fail to play it. As a dj i played this record first, middle and last to lift the spirits in the club while people would sing along. The dance florr was always packed with disco fans. It was my graduation song in 1979 at the end the night when i said good-bye to everybody.

Name: kim
Location: uk
Submitted: Sun Aug 31 13:52:55 2008 EST
Comments: Dear Mr Holman thankyou for two wonderful songs from my youth pre 76 I always loved Lonely Girl and All in the game by you Best wishes always x

Name: Larry
Location: Atlanta
Submitted: Wed Aug 20 15:26:51 2008 EST
Comments: Just wanted to say, I was in the military at the time Hey There Lonely Girl was recorded. Two songs that seemed to play continuously on the jukebox at the EM club was Hey There Lonely Girl and Rainy Night in Georgia by Brook Benton. They really made me home sick but at the same time were comforting.

Name: Linda Hutcherson
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Submitted: Mon Jul 14 9:41:45 2008 EST
Comments: Dear Eddie, I happened to be listening to an album called `The Big Show` on Rhapsody-an internet music program, and heard you sing `It's All in the Game.` WOW! When you went into those higher octaves, I cried. Truly a Gift from God.

Submitted: Sun Jun 22 22:57:22 2008 EST

Name: Cathy
Location: Chicago
Submitted: Thu Jun 5 16:44:50 2008 EST
Comments: Hey Eddie! I just heard `Hey There Lonely Girl` on the radio coming home from the store. Hadn't thought about you in over 30 years, but wanted you to know how much I have always enjoyed that tune.

Name: Peggy Stull
Location: New Castle, PA
Submitted: Tue May 13 2:40:24 2008 EST
Comments: I met a man at karaoke who inspired me to sing and be who I am, now I am inspiring him to get better so I can give him a kidney. He sings with his heart and loves your music! I am thrilled about your Gospel CD and will be purchasing one as a gift for him.He has blessed me with his kindness, Your music will encourage him and speak to his heart. You're amazing! Having it signed will thrill him even more! I will order soon. Thank you

Name: Ayman Sadek
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Submitted: Thu Apr 17 19:24:37 2008 EST
Comments: Dear Eddie, For years I know your voice, Your song `I love you` was my best song, Thanks to you

Name: John Centers
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Submitted: Tue Apr 8 6:27:49 2008 EST
Comments: Eddie, my wife & I really enjoyed your performance in the Nati with the 70's Soul Jam Tour. Your opening act was one of the highlites of the evening. You are One Talented Brother & still hit those high notes like you did in days gone by. You are in esteemed company with the likes of Cincinnati's own Ronald Isley and EWF's Philip Baily. Much Love & Respect My Brother!!!

Name: jackie moran
Location: london england
Submitted: Fri Apr 4 18:00:48 2008 EST
Comments: Dear Mr Holman you have just brought fond tears to my eyes watching you sing lonely girl on you tube im now nearly 52 and that song takes me back to probably some of the best days of my life thank you many people sing other peoples songs but there will never be anyone that can sing that song so beautiful as you please come back and sing it for us in England again some day
all my best wishes

Name: Martin Bailey
Location: London
Submitted: Fri Mar 28 21:34:45 2008 EST
Comments: It's late in the evening and I've just heard 'Lonely Girl' on the Music Choice channel over here. Have to say it brought back good memories of seeing you in 1992 in Bognor Regis with other stars from the 70s all those years ago - it would be great to relive memories of that occasion. Thanks Eddie - Martin.

Name: joan
Location: Wawa, Ontario Canada
Submitted: Tue Mar 25 9:33:37 2008 EST
Comments: I have always enjoyed the song lonely girl. I recently tried looking up this song and was able to listen to it on my facebook site. I then noticed an older man at Heinz Hall and there you were singing lonely girl. I didn't get to watch the entire clip but what I did see was totally awesomw and I KNEW THERE WERE ANGELS PUSHING YOUR VOCALS CORDS TO GET THAT RIGHT SOUND....I ALSO KNEW THAT YOU WERE GIVING THANKS TO THE CREATOR FOR HELPING YOU GET THAT RIGHT NOTE....YES...YOU MADE ME CRY. THANKS EDDIE XOXO

Name: Kathy
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Submitted: Mon Mar 24 17:10:52 2008 EST
Comments: My hushand and I just saw you in Cleveland. You were wonderful even without your fancy clothes. Heard you will be coming to Pittsburgh in May. No one seems to have any details though. My husband's new favorite song of yours is `Eternal Love` which one of our DJ's plays every Sunday on 103.9.

Name: David A. Corlett
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Submitted: Mon Mar 17 12:05:54 2008 EST
Comments: Mr. Holman, It was a pleasure to meet you and i sincerely enjoyed the time we spent chatting outside your hotel. It was uplifting for me to meet someone as down to earth as you and i wish you a long and healthy career.
Sergeant David A. Corlett
Cincinnati Police Department

Name: Charles Hairston
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Submitted: Sun Mar 16 20:18:31 2008 EST
Comments: Eddie, again it was wonderful to see you and be blessed with your performance. For those of us who are old school, you already know that you captured our hearts 40 years ago, but I dare say that you have also captured the imagination of our younger generation for as you sang last night, I looked around me and saw young people dumbstruck with awe. All I could do was smile to myself and say `Right on Brother!` May you and your family continue to be blessed with good health and success.

Name: Jerry & Sue Smith
Location: Cincinnati
Submitted: Sat Mar 15 20:33:42 2008 EST
Comments: The usher said that the Emotions wouldn't be appearing March 14 in Cincinnati and we naturally asked who would be in their place. When he said Eddie Holman we went nuts! It has always been a dream to see you in person. We have everything you've ever released and the depth of your talent, besides your incredible voice, is not as well known as it should be. Writing, producing, arranging, you've done it all. The whole package and on top of that the sweetest most soaring falsetto in the business. Your performance certainly lived up to our expectations but we only wished that we could have had a full couple of hours of Eddie Holman. Guess we'll have to be satisfied with that until the next time. Thanks so much for coming to Cincinnati. God bless.

Name: Erica Harrison
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Submitted: Sat Mar 15 14:48:38 2008 EST
Comments: Hi Mr Holman. I saw you perform in Cincinnati on March 14, 2008 and I loved hearing you sing! You have a truly remarkable voice. I must admit, I didn't know who you were when the usher told us that you would be replacing the Emotions, but when I heard you sing, I knew exactly who you were! See, I was born in 1971, but I grew up hearing my mother play you records. `Hey there lonely girl` is still one of my favorite songs to this day. They don't make good music like that anymore, that's why I keep my `oldies but goodies` CD's in my car. Well, you look great and you sound great! Keep doing your thing and I look forward to seeing you perform again one day!

Name: Larry Vidal
Location: London, UK
Submitted: Thu Feb 21 18:17:51 2008 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie, It's great to be able to ask you a question. Have you ever sung with either The Delphonics or The Stylistics? And can you please tell me any other interesting facts about yourself? 'Hey There Lonely Girl' is one of the best pure soul records ever made. Kind regards
Larry Vidal
Presenter on Hayes FM

Name: Anthony
Location: Gonzales,CA
Submitted: Tue Feb 19 1:50:28 2008 EST
Comments: Hey Eddie I Saw You In San Jose At The HP Pavilion You Sounded Great My Favorite Was `Hey There Lonely Girl` Maybe One Day You Could Come Back To This Area It Was My Second Real Concert But First Oldies And First One In San Jose And It Was Great I Even Got A Cool Shirt And We Got A DVD So Thanks For Coming To San Jose,CA We All Enjoyed You And The Others So Don't Forget Us Over Here

Location: SBC Global
Submitted: Feb 18 2008 EST
Comments: This was my first time seeing you in person at the Super Valenties Luv Slow Jam in San Jose Cali at the H.P.Pavilion. I seen many old sckool performers every year at the concert in San Jose, But last night you put on a very nice show for the short time you had. The popular song Hey There Lonely Girl sound like the song was made today, it still sound good and better now with your high pitch voice and telling the audience last night you have to tighten your slendix underwear to get that high pitch voice and didn't have to scream into the mike. That was the best male single performer to put on a great show last night. I have to rate you more higher than Billy Paul singing Me and Mrs Jones when he perform that song a couple year ago when he came. I wish they ask you to come back next year to end the concert instead putting you way at the begining of the show. Please comeback, San Jose and the Bayareas want to show you all the luv for you..........

Name: Nelson
Location: Southwest Riverside Co., CA
Submitted: Sun Feb 10 19:16:39 2008 EST
Comments: I met Eddie Holman at Ontario Airport yesterday. What a charming person!! When I recognized his name on his passenger ticket, I asked if he was the same Eddie Holman as the singer. His face lit up and he said yes and then he offered his hand and we shook hands. One of his songs is one of my old-time favorites, titled `Hey there lonely girl.` God bless you Eddie. Keep up God's work by volunteering your talent and time to help America's youth realize their talent especially as musicians or singers. Nelson

Name: Francis E . Eichenberg
Location: Aliquippa PA.
Submitted: Tue Dec 25 10:52:23 2007 EST
Comments: The first time I meet you was in aliquippa. Then after was the emarld room with Jonny Angal And The Halows. You signed my cd I Love You. I wish I brough my 45 record This can't be true. Maybe next time. Your's truely Francis

Name: Kathy
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Submitted: Fri Dec 14 13:44:37 2007 EST
Comments: Eddie: We miss you here in Pittsburgh. When will you be back. One of our DJ's plays Eternal Love every Sunday. It's a beautiful song. All of your songs are great.

Name: Brandy Fuqua
Location: Houston, Texas
Submitted: Thu Nov 8 16:08:30 2007 EST
Comments: Your hit `Hey There Lonely Girl` is so beautiful and you recieved a gold record for that song on my birthday in 1970. I know this because I am having to do a PowerPoint Presentation on my birthday in school and I found your name and flipped out! Thank you for your wonderful hits and albums! Brandy Fuqua :)

Name: don lheureux
Location: groton mass
Submitted: Fri Nov 2 23:42:27 2007 EST
Comments: lonely girl still gives me chills-i was 9 when i first heard it and i still well up listening to it almost 40 years later--thank you

Name: Pete Jay & Little Av
Location: West Yorkshire, England
Submitted: Wed Oct 31 20:26:47 2007 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie, Great Website. We are 2 DJs over here in England where we play 'Northern Soul' music including your records. Have you any plans to visit our country as it would be great to catch your live performance. Keep The Faith Pete Jay & Little Av

Name: Elizabeth Hopkins
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Submitted: Thu Oct 18 21:21:22 2007 EST
Comments: You're gifted with the voice of an Angel and I have loved that voice all of my life. Thank you.

Name: carl
Location: winchester ohio
Submitted: Fri Oct 12 17:18:57 2007 EST
Comments: my 2 favorete songs of eddie's is this can't be true girl and don't stop now.i pray someday i can get the cd eddie's my name.i have been praying really hard for it.eddie is a greatest soul man.thanks eddie for the wonderful music over the years.your fan carl

Name: Katy & Paul
Location: Beaverton, OR
Submitted: Fri Oct 5 12:57:55 2007 EST
Comments: Eddie, We just returned from our 25th Anniversary Alaskan Cruise on the Sun Princess, on which we were privileged and blessed to experience your show and your awesome talent - twice! Thank you for your fabulous performance, wonderful spirit, and for being a major contributor to some of the best memories of our anniversary celebration. We hope to be `singing` as happily about each other, as you do about your wife Sheila, when we are at 41 years of marriage! We're certainly heading in the right direction - as we are more in love now than ever! You're an excellent example of a man walking his talk in faith as you touch so many with your gifts of music, compassion, and fun! Thank you for touching our lives in such a special way. You're the best! Blessings to you and yours - Katy & Paul
Name: Britt
Location: Wichita Ks
Submitted: Thu Sep 6 21:39:23 2007 EST
Comments: Just listening to Hey there lonely girl. What a great song. So much better than the many of the vile songs they call music today. God Bless.

Name: George DeDominicis
Location: Ct.
Submitted: Wed Sep 5 21:15:27 2007 EST
Comments: Dear Pastor Holman It is with a sad heart that I tell you my lovely bride of 33 years has gone on to Christ. She and I both love you. Thank you so very much for signing the CD at Oakdale for her , and for your show at the Sun. We missed that one, Maureen was in the hospital , sadly she never came home to me.. Your all time Greatest Hey there Lonely Girl, now means so much more to me, you will never know.. I still try to sing it with you and choke up every time because I'm singing Hey There Lonely Boy sorry to take that from you but it truely fits. I love you Pastor, Maureen Loves You still... Hey ther Lonely, Lonely Boy Let me make your Lonely Heart Fell.. I just can't any more, Eddie I hope I see you one more time, Just one. Love you George from Ct.

Name: Clarence Williams
Location: Santa Ana, California USA
Submitted: Sat Sep 1 14:17:25 2007 EST
Comments: I was watching the PBS Doo Wop special one night. Tapping my toes and smiling as I listened to all my favorite artists. They saved the best for last. When you ripped through Hey There Lonely Girl, still hitting every note like it was 1970 I had to jump out of my seat and yell, YES! I was clapping and smiling. You are blessed with such a beautiful voice and you continue to make so many people happy when ever you open your mouth. Over the years I've managed to track down your original 45's and albums. I was so happy to see the Cameo Parkway box set release. I bought it mainly for your songs. I hope they release a single cd of your hits and album tracks. Regards. Clarence Williams

Name: Carolyn McMenamin & John
Location: Media Pa
Submitted: Fri Aug 24 9:26:49 2007 EST
Comments: We were on the Sun Princess with our son Jeff from Az and his wife Linda and enjoyed your show very much. We were there celebrating our 50th anniversary thanks to our 3 wonderful children and their spouses. Enjoying your music brought back memories and made our trip a bit more enjoyable.

Name: hamid ebrahim-zadeh
Location: Houston, Texas
Submitted: Wed Aug 22 23:36:56 2007 EST
Comments: The `I Love You` album introduced me to your music & amazing voice back in '75 when I was 11 in Tehran,Iran!! I introduced your music to many back then & today it still sounds sweet & brings back the good old memories. May God bless you in your future endeavors. Sincerely, Hamid Ebrahim-zadeh

Name: Tim Pottorff (Bandmaster)
Location: Dallas, TX
Submitted: Wed Aug 22 17:29:27 2007 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie, Man was it a pleasure to work with you onboard the Sun Princess (June 24 -August 12). Night after night you continued to amaze me and the band with your golden voice. (I still laugh at the fact that you don't ever warm up.) Like you said to me backstage...'If I can't sing by now, I need to get in another business...' I am now back home in Dallas enjoying the family and playing some jazz. Thanks again for your friendship. I hope we work together again. Sincerely, Tim Pottorff

Name: Jeff McMenamin
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Submitted: Sat Aug 18 14:20:47 2007 EST
Comments: Hello Eddie, Greetings ! My wife, and parents were impressed with your show last week on the Sun Princess (Aug 5th sailing). We were on the sailing to celebrate their 50th Wedding anniversary ! We thoroughly enjoyed your performance including the interaction with the audience and hearing your sincere words, thoughts on missing your wife. Keep on keeping on ! Best to you always... Jeff & Linda.

Name: Barb and John Arnott
Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Submitted: Mon Aug 13 22:41:53 2007 EST
Comments: Eddie, We just saw you last week (the week of Aug. 5th) on the Sun Princess, and both myself and my husband thought you were fantastic! Not only are you an outstanding singer you are so talented with talking to people. We hope to see you again someday. Do you ever perform in Canada, possibly Toronto at all? Again Eddie thanks for the entertainment of 2 beautiful evenings! Barb and John

Name: Marie
Location: NYC
Submitted: Fri Jul 13 19:45:18 2007 EST
Comments: Eddie - Just heard Lonely Girl on the new (or old) WCBS-FM tonight, which just came back on the air yesterday. Thought you'd like to know that you're back on NY's oldies station, sounding as great as ever. Best, Marie

Name: Pamela
Location: Loveland Ohio
Submitted: Mon Jul 9 12:18:28 2007 EST
Comments: Eddie, I am amazed at the beauty that still lingers in your voice. I would be flattered and honored to put you on my music myspace business site..If you have videos or mp3s I will place them there as well. I enjoy the music that has kept our hearts joyful and spirits flying high, and you qualify definitely. You are an attribute to the business and I respect anyone who can hit the notes the way you always have. With Love, Pamela Mist Talent Enterprises

Name: donna z
Location: auburn, ma
Submitted: Wed Jun 13 18:56:54 2007 EST
Comments: I saw you in concert at the Mohegan 6/9/07. You are still a fantastic singer. I totally enjoyed the show. Hope to see you in more Bowzer shows. Many thanks. Donna

Name: ray smith
Location: hudson n.h. 03051
Submitted: Mon Jun 11 8:10:32 2007 EST
Comments: hi we were at bowzers rock and rool party you were the the best loved your performance jest like 1969 thanks for the memories don't stop want to see you soon

Name: Sue
Location: Palmer, MA
Submitted: Sun Jun 10 19:53:37 2007 EST
Comments: You were dynamic last night at the Mohegan Sun. I hope to see you again...

Name: Jen B
Location: Hamden, CT
Submitted: Sun Jun 10 13:02:41 2007 EST
Comments: My husband and I caught your appearance at Bowzer's Rock & Roll Party at Mohegan Sun last night and you were a highlight of the show!

Name: Eddie C
Location: Rhode Island
Submitted: Sun Jun 10 3:02:56 2007 EST
Comments: Mr. Holman, I just wanted to let u know that I caught your show at Bowsers Rock and Roll Party in CT., and your were great. I never seened a Rock and Roll Show and I really loved it. Thank You And hav a good night..

Name: Kevin Dunsmuir
Location: East Gwillimbury, Ontario, Canada
Submitted: Wed Jun 6 7:25:25 2007 EST
Comments: Last weekend my wife and I had friends up to our cottage, friends that we had not been in touch with for some 23 years. We ended up out on our boat in the middle of the lake, playing some great old tunes. My friend told me wistfully that his very favourite tune of all time is Hey There Lonely Girl. Without a word, I skipped ahead to the best song on my CD and your wonderful song spilled out over the water for all to hear. My friend and I were in our glory and your song was a great completion to a great weekend. Thanks, Eddie.

Location: greenford(london)
Submitted: Thu Apr 19 6:55:24 2007 EST
Comments: lonely girl great song one of my all time favs
regards Mick

Name: kevin leonard
Location: birmingham england
Submitted: Sun Apr 8 23:16:48 2007 EST
Comments: great man thank you

Name: Betty
Location: Chicago
Submitted: Thu Mar 15 12:03:36 2007 EST
Comments: I saw you a couple of years ago on one the PBS
Specials produced by T. J. Lubinsky. When you sang, `Hey There Lonely Girl,` tears began to fall. I was overwhelmed with a flood of wonderful memories. I hadn't heard that song in years (since I was a teenager back in the 60's). I am so happy to hear that you are serving GOD in such a AWESOME WAY through your role as PASTOR! Bless you for using your gift to Honor GOD and for being such an INSPIRATION to young people everywhere (especially those hoping to become entertainers).
May GOD continually BLESS you and your family!

Name: veron
Location: Manchester, England
Submitted: Sat Mar 10 5:51:43 2007 EST
Comments: I first heard `Hey there lonely girl` as a teenager and fell in love with the song instantly. I have just recently bought another copy of this and it brings back lots of nice memories, thanks for a great song.

Name: Stephen
Location: England
Submitted: Fri Mar 9 14:04:59 2007 EST
Comments: I met my wife while Eddie's recording of lonley girl was playing at the dance in 1974, we are still going strong married for 28 years now, wonderful man

Name: Mikael
Location: Stockholm, SWEDEN
Submitted: Mon Mar 5 17:21:17 2007 EST
Comments: Great, You are just one of the very best soul singers ever. Thank You for magic moments and hang on in there, babe.



Name: Ben
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Submitted: Sun Mar 4 21:39:15 2007 EST
Comments: I'm a big soul fan, and I just discovered your record `I Love You` from 1969 - great stuff! I'm going to blog about you tomorrow. www.adeepershadeofsoul.blogspot.com

Name: Rick
Location: Binghamton, NY
Submitted: Sun Feb 18 3:12:33 2007 EST
Comments: I had the pleasure of seeing your concert at Tioga Downs. Your a very special person on and off the stage. Hope you come back, That was an unforgetable night. Your voice makes the world a better place. Thank You.

Name: Micheal & Michelle
Location: Las Vegas Nv.
Submitted: Fri Feb 16 2:00:42 2007 EST
Comments: My wife an I enjoyed your performance in Las Vegas 2/4/07 and wanted to thank you for a great show. thank you.

Name: Ray
Location: connecticut
Submitted: Tue Feb 6 11:37:40 2007 EST
Comments: Mr Holman,
First time I saw you was last month on a cruise ship, Really enjoyed your show. Your music has brought me lots of good memories.
Congratluations on your 50th yr in show business.

Name: ken
Location: new jersey
Submitted: Sun Feb 4 22:40:18 2007 EST
Comments: Man, am I glad you are still around... and man, do you still have it! I saw you for the first time at the Touch of Class in Newark and, more recently, at the Big Show at Newark's Symphony Hall in 2002. I wish you were around more often. As someone else has noted, it would be great if you were able to put out a live album with a full set (or better yet, a DVD!). Then we could hear you do such great songs as `This Can't Be True (those are some changes!),` `Don't Stop Now,` and `Am I a Loser` - all written by you, if I'm not mistaken. I would be first in line (particularly if those tunes were on it).
Anyway, I had to put my two cents in. May God continue to bless you with good health and spirit. It's just so good to see veteran artists such as yourself not only still doin' it, but still doin' it well.

Name: Todd
Location: Minnesota
Submitted: Wed Jan 31 23:17:35 2007 EST
Comments: You're show on the NCL Dawn was very very good. Keep up the great work.

Name: Lisa Moore
Location: Birmingham, AL
Submitted: Wed Jan 24 0:39:56 2007 EST
Comments: I just saw you on TV at the Apollo. I had always heard the song, `Lonely Girl` as I was growing up. But when I saw you on TV last week....you blew me away. You have a very wonderful voice.....I can't keep it out of my head. Just want to say that you are great, and keep up the vocals......lol.
LOve ya, Lisa

Name: Sjoerd F. Pennekamp
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Submitted: Tue Jan 16 6:37:30 2007 EST
Comments: Dear Eddie,
Great to see you're still an active musician! I just fell in love with a few of your 60's songs (I Surrender and I'm not Gonna Give Up are on continuous repeat;). Hope to see you in Amsterdam one day. Keep up the good work!

Name: rosanna cline
Location: los angeles california
Submitted: Sat Jan 13 0:11:10 2007 EST
Comments: we love youre music play it all the time. at souldiesradio.net sincerley dj roe

Name: James Hayden
Location: Atlanta, GA
Submitted: Sun Dec 3 3:13:52 2006 EST
Comments: Greetings Mr. Holman. I just viewed your recent performance on Showtime at the Apollo in honor of your 50th year of entertaining. I always wondered who sung that beautiful song `Lonely Girl` that I hear from time to time on television and radio. I was born the year the song was a hit, 1970. To see you perform it was a delight. Your voice is as spectactular live as recorded. May God Continually Bless you.

Name: luc
Location: brussels
Submitted: Sun Nov 19 17:58:57 2006 EST
Comments: mister holman, you're a real singer...these days, few people are willing and able to lift people's spirits with their voice...you have that gift...`i surrender` is only two minutes long, but your voice is so captivating and full of emotion that it makes me want to dance...and surrender *s*.

Name: Brenda McKenzie
Location: Syracuse, NY USA
Submitted: Sun Nov 5 11:27:49 2006 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie. I do hope you will be coming back here to upstate, NY soon. missed you last time you were here. My sister and her family really enjoyed you. Your singing keeps getting better. I saw you on Showtime @ the Apollo, and really loved hearing you. looking forward to buying more of your music, and seeing you in person. God Bless you and your family

Name: Maxwell Rees
Location: Cambridge England.
Submitted: Wed Nov 1 10:51:31 2006 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie.I just bought the Weldon McDougall 111 tribute CD off ebay.Thrilled to discover how brilliant your Interpretations Of `Wanted In 3 States` and `Hurt` are.I saw you in Peterborough England about 15 years ago.Glad to see you are still active.My 12 inch Salsoul copy of `This Could Be A Night To Remember `is still a most treasured item...Thanks Eddie.Best Wishes.

Name: Dennis Shreve
Location: Colmbus, OH
Submitted: Mon Oct 30 11:06:40 2006 EST
Comments: My wife and I just got back from a 9-day cruise on the Crown Princess. One of the highights of the trip was your performance on October 24. The song `Hey There Lonely Girl` is one that everyone can easily recall as a top hit in 1969. You certainly have a great gift in your music, and thank you for sharing it with all of us. Sincerely, Dennis Shreve

Name: Merle & Rosemary Woodworth
Location: Durand, Michigan
Submitted: Wed Oct 18 9:01:40 2006 EST
Comments: We chatted with you after your show on the Coral Princess on the Sept. 28-Oct 13 cruise. We really enjoyed the show. Our talk with the the next day was a highlight for us. Thanks for the performance you did on the ship. We will look for you again sometime.

Name: John H Peacock
Location: Dallas, TX
Submitted: Thu Oct 12 13:10:25 2006 EST
Comments: when I first heard lonely girl, I was getting ready to go in the Marines, and had sorta let a girl get by. i was so undecided and didn't know her feelings but, was still on my mind. played the hell out of this song that night on the jukebox and still think it's a classic. wonderful.

Name: Per Ulv
Location: Norway
Submitted: Thu Oct 12 11:45:38 2006 EST
Comments: Today I went digging for records and I found the album `Lonely Girl`. I knew a couple of the tracks, but I never would have guessed it would be so great. This is classic soul.

Name: Susan
Location: Mobile, AL
Submitted: Mon Oct 9 21:14:47 2006 EST
Comments: I still love hearing your music as the decades pass. Ever since I heard Lonely Girl I was hooked. Thank you!

Name: Gareth Davies
Location: Manchester ENGLAND
Submitted: Mon Oct 9 16:28:41 2006 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie
I first got into your music as an older-kid in the early 70's. The sheer distinctiveness and power of emotion of `LONELY GIRL` was a trigger for my DJ'ing that has continued to this day.

WOW does that tune bring back memories--Not half- I even remember getting chucked to it!!

I often get requests and play your music regularly. If only I had a copy of ` I LOVE YOU` on CD I could do a whole lot more.
Can anybody out there help me get one please??
Please put these things on your list of `THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE`
(1) Do a new album with new material so future generations will have something fresh to chew the fat on long after guys like me have dropped off the perch
(2) Do a LIVE album for guys like me who have never caught your act for whatever reason ( mine is cos of a heavy workload)
(3) Come back to the UK soon and boost the Northern Soul scene

All the best Eddie Keep pumpin out the Soul and keep the faith.

Name: souad nasser
Location: Liban
Submitted: Thu Sep 14 0:54:37 2006 EST
Comments: La chanson I love you est la plus belle tout le temps. Je l'ecoute chaque jour depuis 30 ans et plus. Merci beaucoup

Name: Cuan Petersen
Location: South Africa
Submitted: Mon Sep 11 9:16:44 2006 EST
Comments: Eddie you are truly an inspiration i was just wondering when you plan on visiting South Africa, we would love to have you perform here.


Name: Benjamin Mareek
Location: Europe, Czech rep., Prague
Submitted: Thu Sep 7 11:19:27 2006 EST
Comments: Hi, greetings from Prague. Recently, I came around some CDs with gospel songs. Id like to say, that I was deeply impressed by Your songs. It was a set called Mega Gospel, unfortunately there are only four songs (Thank You For Saving Me, United, Eternal Love, Holy Ghost). I especially appreciate piano accompaniment, its really fantastic!!! Im going to buy more of Your songs!! Thank You. God Bless You

Name: Sgt. Gary nadler
Location: Nyc
Submitted: Fri Aug 25 3:11:57 2006 EST
Comments: Eddie still great after all these years. You and blue magic are #1 in my book.

Name: Manny and Janice Perlman
Submitted: July 2006 EST
Comments: My wife and I were on the Crown Princess celebrating our 30th anniversary and were extremely traumatized, having thought that we were going to die.  If it wasn't for your comforting, caring and "let's put life into perspective that we survived" performance that fateful evening we would have been even more profoundly mired in the trauma of the horrendous event... We are still suffering emotionally, physically and psychologically from the violent tilting of the ship...

I have been a Cantor and singer my entire life and have studied for many years with Celine Dion's teacher in NY (Bill Riley)... The moment you started singing was the first moment after the horrendous incident that I began to realize my wife and I had not died after all... Your voice (especially your falsetto) was so "uplifting" for all of us who attended your concert...

Name: Rick
Location: Narragansett, RI
e-mail: rmbeaupre@yahoo.com
Submitted: Mon Jul 24 18:33:57 2006 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie,
I just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you on the Crown Princess last week as we were disembarking in Port Canavaral. Please let me know when you will be in the New England area as my wife and I would love to come and see your performance. Best regards.

Name: karen
Location: birmingham. england
Submitted: Tue Jul 4 3:36:15 2006 EST
Comments: hi eddie, have just been lucky enough to get a copy of your album lonley girl and have to say how brilliant it is, some of the songs are so hauntingly beautiful and there is not one track that i dont like. i hope to be able to get some more of your work soon. all the very best. karen.

Name: Freddie Hale
Location: Laurel, Delaware
Submitted: Sat Jun 24 22:54:44 2006 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie, Our family Says Hi and we want to Thank You for you and your familys kindness and inspiration over the years which helped inspire our family to move on. Your Invite never expires. Keep the faith and keep supplying the world with beautiful music. Real `From the Heart` music.

Name: Chris Leslie
Location: Watford, England
Submitted: Wed May 31 16:16:31 2006 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie, I have only seen you live once, 1984 Queensway Hall, Dunstable, Uk. Do you remember that gig? I dj mostly early 60's RnB but play 60's soul sometimes. If you would have been at the Net Bar, London on Sunday 28.05.06 you would have bene in tears. Why? Well as it was a Bank Holiday in UK I knew the place would be packed. So fast 6t's soul t had to be.I am staggered that my Soul Sounds are going down so well.The place buzzing a I was getting lots of praise and applauded.I thought I wonder how people are gonna take this track which is `oldie` as it known in Uk if recordsare played from the Casino Days. Only one way to find out I thought - So I place the Cameo Parkway white demo on the deck. I noticed the last current record spinning had emptied the dance floor a little as it was slow. I wanted that so the track of your which is fast would launch like a rocket - fingers crossed. So as the slow track fades,I think to my self either this track will be accepted or I will be finished.I had faith in you Eddie.I push the button slide the fader,the record spins the drums roll I notice smile on faces and I thinks `welcome back to London Eddie` in you came..`hey hey hey listen all you girls` the place erupted in to applause and dancing he floor was packed.I will see Mr John Buck of RSG who booked you in 84 on Saturday so I will ask him if he will consider bringing you back to perform for the Northern Soul Scene in the Uk again? This Sunday I will spin one of your other once adored tracks that I have not heard played for many years..` I Surrender` and see how that goes down with Soulie's. I will let you know. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed the 2minutes 48 seconds with crowd dancing and clapping along to Eddie's My Name? Soulie007.

Name: Doug & Linda Cassidy
Location: Port Richey, Florida
Submitted: Mon May 15 13:01:49 2006 EST
Comments: Dear Eddie,
Thanks for a great performance on Holland America's Oosterdam. We have always wanted to see you in person and hope we can see you again.

Name: Doug & Tracy Dame
Location: Lincoln, RI
Submitted: Fri Apr 28 8:05:31 2006 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie, we also got to see you on the Norwegian Dawn. We were very impressed. It was an honor to get to speak with you on Great Stirrup Cay. I hope to see you perform again.

Name: Glenn Roberts
Location: New York City
Submitted: Wed Apr 26 16:43:55 2006 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie, Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I was to see you perform live recently on the Norwegain Dawn. You still got it going on!! Thanks for the great CD and the picture that you took with my daughter! You are one of a kind!!

Name: Elidet.com
Location: world wide on da net!
Submitted: Sat Apr 22 13:46:46 2006 EST
Comments: Sending my love as a fan....thank you for the muscial contributions you have made! I love `Hey There Lonely Girl,` it was one of my favorites and I just heard it on the radio right now, 92.3 fm Hot Jamz. They don't make songs now a days like they used to, so just wanted to tell you I appreciate your music! Elidet.com

Name: wally H
Location: perth western australia
Submitted: Sat Apr 8 5:27:58 2006 EST
Comments: great site , thanks eddie.

Name: D-lace
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Submitted: Fri Mar 31 14:27:21 2006 EST
Comments: Im a hip hop head, so its automatic for me to love soul music, and i must say that `four walls` is one of my favorite songs of all time. Glad to see you still active in the business...thx for the great inspiration !

Name: Sergio Hernandez
Location: Rancagua, Chile (Sudamerica)
Submitted: Sun Feb 19 23:04:56 2006 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie!!!, I write you from Chile, only send you blessings and gratefulness. For a little time i have been listening your music and i like much, i have 20 years old and 5 listen soul music... and only wanted to tell you that here somebody love your great music; Blessings. Sergio (excuses by my badly English)

Name: Nickolas
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Submitted: Sat Feb 18 16:46:57 2006 EST
Comments: Mr. Holman, I adore your music. You are an inspiration to decent and honest people everywhere, and I find your song, `This Can't be True, Girl`, to be one of the greatest, that's right, greatest songs of all time in any genre. Thank you for everything. I look forward to seeing you in the city tonight!

Name: Soo E Soss
Location: Washington DC
Submitted: Fri Feb 17 8:03:18 2006 EST
Comments: Dear Sir, just want to say that you sound great and I would like to write a song for you to sing.
If you would like to hear my work go to www.broadjam.com click on search and type in Mature Nature and you can listen to the songs I write. God Bless you and don't stop the great work that your doing.

Name: Jim
Location: St. Louis, from Newark
Submitted: Fri Jan 27 22:35:30 2006 EST
Comments: Eddie, I just turned 50 and still love `Lonely Girl`. Thanks f/ some great memories!

Best to you and yours,

Name: Melanie
Submitted: Sun Jan 22 5:28:56 2006 EST
Comments: We love u Eddie!!!
Please come to Germany, we are waiting!!!
Sincerly, Melanie

Name: chris cornick
Location: southampton, England
Submitted: Wed Jan 18 18:04:53 2006 EST
Comments: eddie you really show talent, what
i mean by that is you are truly a showman. i manage and promote bands in England and i only wish that half had as much talent as you do and for so long( sorry i had to say that)but you were part of my growing up in the 70's and still apart of my adulthood. all the best and i hope we meet one day, chris cornick

Name: Jim & Sharon Brooks
Location: Paducah,KY
Submitted: Wed Jan 18 2:56:39 2006 EST
Comments: Had the great pleasure of being at your show the other night. Oh how we enjoyed it! You can still hit those high notes theres no doubt about it. Hope to see you again next year. ( By the way w e had a great 40 th anniversay) God Bless

Name: JC
Submitted: Wed Nov 23 2:05:31 2005 EST
Comments: My partner, the music pastor at our church, and I have several favorite falsetto voices through the years. Your is right at the top. It was great to find out you are a minister like myself.

Name: Rick & sue Shirey
Location: York, Pa
Submitted: Mon Nov 14 22:08:42 2005 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie,
We saw and heard you sing on Oct 22nd in York. You were great and brought back great memories of the 60's. Keep singing and make other people remember that era of music. By the way, the other night listening to the radio, They played `Hey there Lonely Girl` You hit the note then, and you can STILL hit it.
Thanks again!

Name: Phyllis Fisher
Location: South Jersey
Submitted: Mon Nov 7 13:16:27 2005 EST
Comments: Hello Eddie and Sheila. This is Phyllis, the young lady you met last Saturday evening on November 5, 2005, along with my sister, Marva. It was such a nice surprise, your remembering our names. I can

Name: Osie Griffin
Location: Cardova, Tennessee
Submitted: Tue Nov 1 12:43:59 2005 EST
Comments: Hi Minister Holman, I truly beleive that God has given you one of the greatest singing voices ever. May God continue to bless you.

Name: Lou & Melissa Castriota
Location: Dallastown PA
Submitted: Tue Oct 25 14:37:46 2005 EST
Comments: We really enjoyed your show in York on Oct 22.
You sound better than ever. Hey There Lonely Girl has been our favorite song since we began dating in 1969. We have been married 35 years
and still enjoy your music! God Bless.

Name: Margie O
Location: Spring Hill, FL
Submitted: Tue Oct 25 14:27:46 2005 EST
Comments: I was at the 60-Something concert in York, PA on Oct. 22 and really enjoyed your show. I also saw you 5 years ago when you were there. Fantastic voice and show! Hope to see you again.

Name: Ken Long
Location: Lancaster, Pa
Submitted: Mon Oct 24 15:10:55 2005 EST
Comments: Eddie,
Thanks for a great show in York. Pa on October 22 with the Class of 60's Something. Your songs bring back beautiful memories everytime I hear them.

Name: Sue Holmes
Location: York Pa
Submitted: Sun Oct 23 13:33:31 2005 EST


Name: Dan Wolfe
Location: York, PA
Submitted: Wed Oct 5 16:01:44 2005 EST
Comments: Am looking forward to working with you once again at the Class of 60-Somethin

Name: Thea
Location: Atlanta, Ga
Submitted: Wed Sep 14 11:58:28 2005 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie,
I saw you perform on the Zuiderdam a week ago, and I thought you were GREAT! Thanks for sitting down in the chair next to me during the concert, for a perfect photo opportunity! We love you, and God Bless you!

Name: Nancy
Location: Atlanta
Submitted: Tue Sep 13 21:31:34 2005 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie, I met you on the Zuiderdam last week and your concerts were absolutely WONDERFUL! I have to say your voice is NOW so much better than the original recording of Hey There Lonely Girl! I

Name: April Clark
Location: Vaughan, Mississippi
Submitted: Sat Sep 10 12:51:42 2005 EST
Comments: Hi Eddie. This is April, the young lady you met on the Zuiderdam cruise about a week ago along with my cousin Asia. I just came to show you love in you guestbook because you told me to and because I really enjoyed your show on the cruise. Keep doing what you do best and make us music lovers happy.

Name: E. Kane
Location: New York City
Submitted: Sat Aug 13 12:53:40 2005 EST
Comments: Eddie - just heard your classic played once again on XM satellite radio and decided to look you up. What an endlessly beautiful song; never grows old. Your voice is one of my favorites.

Name: Linda Porras
Location: Fontana, CA
Submitted: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 02:29:46 GMT
Comments: Dear Mr. Holman: We were so fortunate to have you perform for us on the MS Oosterdam last week in Alaskan waters. Your show was the highlight of our cruising entertainment experience. Our only despair was that as we stood in line to purchase your CD, we found you had run out of them. We went to purchase the

Name: Mr John Conteh
Location: United Kingdom
Submitted: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 22:09:52 GMT
Comments: Dear Eddie, songs like yours and many other soul singers helped me make it through a rough time in my past life and still do today. Thank you. Regards, John Conteh.

Name: George DeDominicis
Location: Connecticut
Submitted: Sat, 04 Jun 2005 01:31:16 GMT
Comments: Happy Birthday Eddie, All the best and here's a prayer for many more.

Name: www.fabricali.com
Location: The West Coast
Submitted: Wed, 01 Jun 2005 23:04:34 GMT
Comments: Thanks Eddie Holman for your music!!!!!

Name: Bernie O'Brien
Location: Northern Soul Country, UK
Submitted: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 20:39:18 GMT
Comments: Nice web site Eddie, good to hear from you last Sunday, I can't believe it's so long since we last spoke, keep up the good work buddy. My best to you and your family

Name: John
Location: Toledo, Ohio
Submitted: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 15:03:08 GMT
Comments: Caught the show at the Stranahan Theatre and the performance was nothing less than spectacular. It was a privelage and an honor to see a legend. My mother and father were taken back 'to the day' by your songs. Thank you for such a great time.

Name: Stephanie Artiaga
Location: Monclova,OH
Submitted: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 02:19:05 GMT
Comments: I just want to tell you that I saw you at the Stranahan Theater in Toledo,OH on November 13, 2004, and I just want to say how much I enjoyed the show and your performance. If it weren't for my parents I wouldn't enjoy the real heart and soul of doo wop music.

Name: Bernadette Michaux
Location: Toledo, Ohio
Submitted: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 12:51:14 GMT
Comments: Mr. Holman, Really enjoyed your oustanding performance at the Stranahan last night. Your voice is soooooooooooo beautiful. Hope you get back to Toledo someday.

Name: Mike & Viki Quigley
Location: San Lorenzo, CA
Submitted: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 16:25:16 GMT
Comments: Aloha, We had the pleasure of meeting you and yourlovely wife at a luau in Maui. We have since searched for your song

Name: Cheryl Headley
Location: Bronx,NY
Submitted: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 19:00:39 GMT
Comments: Loved your performance at the Beacon Theater in NY on Sept. 18.

Name: Pam Whitehorne
Location: Brockville, Canada
Submitted: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 14:30:41 GMT
Comments: Hi Eddie, We sure did enjoy your performance at the Bonnie Castle...You were great... Pam and Glenn Whitehorne

Name: Stevie Llewellyn-Nash
Location: Coventry, United Kingdom
Submitted: Sat, 04 Sep 2004 10:00:27 GMT
Comments: Hey Eddie! i haven't seen you perform, but i love your song 'Hey there lonely girl' it get's me all the time. I've been trying to get hold of 'Hey there lonely girl', but can't find it anywhere, so if you can email it me that would be wicked. Your a ledge and i love your song's.

Name: frank mariani
Location: elmsford, n.y.
Submitted: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 13:33:35 GMT
Comments: eddie saw you at the oakdale theatre in wallingford and you were great. i could not get over your voice.you have not lost a thing. good luck and hope to see you soon

Name: Anna
Location: North Haven, CT
Submitted: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 01:38:55 GMT
Comments: Great performance last night. Wish this music was available for today's young people. They don't know what they're missing!

Name: Marguerite
Location: Wolcott, Ct.
Submitted: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 22:10:28 GMT
Comments: My husband & I were at The Oakdale in Wallingfor,CT last night. WOW!!!! You were great and sound as you did all those years ago!!! Every Sunday night the radio station in New Haven had a

Name: Mike & Mickey
Location: East Hampton , Long Island
Submitted: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 19:45:19 GMT
Comments: WE saw you at the Oakdale Last Night Eddie! You still got it Eddie ! You were fantastic. Hope to see you again.

Name: Gary & Joan
Location: Danbury, Ct.
Submitted: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 17:13:52 GMT
Comments: Hi Eddie, We had the pleasure to see you last night at Oakdale and were thrilled with your too short but great songs. Thank you for the experience and hope to see and HEAR you again! Take care of that voice!

Name: George DeDominicis
Location: Staffordville CT
Submitted: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 14:39:26 GMT
Comments: I had the honor to see Mr. Holman last night at Oakdale Theater here in CT. He started the night on such a high note, no pun intended, that the rest of the evening pailed. It would have been a supperior show had Mr Holman been allowed to sing more then two songs. However he made my night when I met him at the autograph table and finally had the chance to talk with the man I have admired since

Name: Barry
Submitted: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 11:17:33 GMT
Comments: Welcome to Eddie's guestbook